Attitudes for Success

Hi I’m Alan from The ABC Guys and while Denis is off on a speaking tour, I thought I’d give you an overview of the ABC approach to financial success.


A stands for Attitude and I’ll explain the importance of that in just a moment. The Behavior section is the second segment where we deal with the sorts of strategies you want to use, and the pitfalls you want to avoid, in making financial gains. The third segment, C, stands for Creativity and that’s about being an entrepreneur, where you take your hobbies or passions and start to make money from them.


So why is your Attitude so important? A lot of people, deep down, don’t think they can be successful whether it’s with money, or sports, or personal relationships. They think that success is something that happens to other people and not to them. This often has its roots in family history. Some people even think that they don’t deserve to be successful. These limiting and self- sabotaging feelings are more common than you might think and in the end, will all become self-fulfilling prophesies.


So, the first section of each of our books deals with this issue. We walk you through various exercises to dig out these beliefs and change them.


Before we wrote our books we spoke with hundreds of self-made millionaires, and the most common trait we found is that they are very positive; they know exactly where they’re going and what they want to achieve. So, if you want to be successful, you have to have a winning Attitude and know where it is you want to go.


Now, some people confuse this with another concept, which is that if you simply believe in yourself, everything good will start to happen to you. Unfortunately, this is only half the story. Just because you believe unreservedly in yourself, doesn’t mean you’re going to win a talent contest, or a sports match, or that you’re going to get rich. Winning a talent contest means you have to have a unique talent. Believing in yourself is essential, but so is the talent. And, if you want to get rich, just believing in yourself is not enough. You have to be willing to do the work. Sometimes, a lot of work. Belief is not enough on its own. But, if you’re doing what you’re really passionate about, then you’ll find it doesn’t really seem like work anyway.


So, find something really worth pursuing; make sure your beliefs support your direction and go for it. That’s an Attitude destined for success.