Alan and Denis

Denis and Alan

The ABC Guys

Who we are – Dr. Denis Cauvier and Alan Lysaght and we are consultants, professional trainers, and best-selling authors who have worked in 50 countries around world, with many Fortune 500 companies, governments and government agencies.

– In 2006 the prestigious Kauffman Foundation called our books “The best they’ve ever reviewed.”

– In 2007, Yale University said that our books were “The best in their field.”

– The Senior VP of Education at Junior Achievement Worldwide wrote “I consider [your materials] to be among the best I have seen in the financial literacy arena”.

– In 2009 we conducted a pilot project workshop designed for parents. We tested attendees when they arrived and again at the end. We found that the average financial literacy level was 22% when people arrived, but had jumped to 89% at the end of the workshop! Of those respondents that did not already have a savings/investment plan, fully 95% pledged to open one immediately as a result of attending the workshop. Also, 71% of adult females said that as a result of attending the workshop they were interested in setting up a home-based business.

– Later in 2009 The University of Alberta hired us to conduct a workshop for teens at the Hobbema First Nations reservation. This community has an 80% unemployment rate and the highest crime statistics in western Canada. And, they were teenagers! Before-and-after testing showed a jump in average financial literacy from 32% to 68%. We also set up several community mentoring opportunities for the teens.

– In November 2010, we updated and revised the teen book to comply with all of the Jump$tart National standards in the U.S. We delivered a Keynote address at that organization’s national convention, explaining our research and approach. Every teacher waited in line for an autographed copy after the presentation.

So far we have sold just under 1 million copies of these books. We’ve also designed and delivered workshops for teens, parents & families on financial literacy and entrepreneurship. In our experience, the key to success is Engagement. Students have to become engaged in the material before they will want to change their behaviour. That is the focus of our efforts in our books and workshops.

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